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The 2016 Index of Military Strength is a report unlike any other ever attempted in military history. This groundbreaking, in-depth analysis assesses:

  • America's military power, including a sophisticated grading system of each branch of the military;
  • The threats facing the United States from countries like Russia and Iran, and whether the military is deployed correctly to address those threats; and
  • The operational readiness of the military, including its ability to fight multiple wards at the same time.

Packed with charts, graphs, maps, and data compiled by military-policy experts with decades of experience, the 335-page Index of Military Strength features:

  • An assesment of key regions where U.S. Military forces may have to operate to defend America's vital interests.
  • An evaluation of threats to U.S. vital interests, identifying those who desire to harm American interests and the extent to which they can do so. 
  • An in-depth analysis of the U.S. Militar's ability to provide for the common defense
  • Easy-to-read charts, maps, and tables that highlight key factors affecting the condition and relevance of America's military power.
  • Special essays from Dr. William Inboden of the University of Texas and Dr. Frank Hoffman from the National Defense University, among others, that provide a solid foundation upon which to build a more informed understanding of national security and defense matters. 
  • A preface by Jim DeMint, President of the Heritage Foundation


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